CARLYN & ANDY BAKER – Ely, MN, Grand Ely Lodge, 09.2.2023

bride and groom holing hands during sunset in Ely Minnesota.

Understanding the Concept of an “Associate Shooter” and Their Role in Photography- and proof that they work!

Are you curious about the term “associate shooter” and what it entails? Let me explain how it can be advantageous for everyone involved. While I absolutely adore it when couples approach me to photograph their wedding, there are times when I have to decline due to prior bookings. This scenario occurred too often in 2022, which prompted me to create an associate team at Codee Rose Photography.

I sought out photographers whom I trusted to represent my business. With an associate team in place, I can now accept multiple bookings for the same day. One of my associates will be assigned to the wedding that was booked second, while I attend the first. Before the big day, we connect with the bride and groom to discuss the shot list and timeline, and then the associate covers the wedding. Following the event, my associate and I debrief and they hand over all the images from the day. I then edit each image to match my style, the same style the couple hired me for.

Now that you have an idea of how associates work, take a look at Carlyn and Andy’s wedding from September 2023. This stunning wedding was shot by one of my associates, and the couple was pleased with the outcome. My associate couldn’t say enough good things about how the day went and how the vibes were with her and the couple. 

When Carlyn reached out to me about their wedding date, and when I informed her of my unavailability but that I could send an associate, she agreed without hesitation. She trusted me to choose an associate who would best suit their needs.

In conclusion, if you love a photographer, and they recommend an associate, have confidence in their selection. Trust them to find someone who can do the job just as well as they would.


Venue & Catering: Grand Ely Lodge

Associate: Madelyn B.

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